Miss a Free Throw?

Would Jesus Ever Miss a Free Throw?

As true God, Jesus could have excelled at any competition. In fact he could have been perfect at anything. He certainly could have made every free throw in basketball as well as every three pointer, fade away jumper and lay up. Jesus could walk on water and could certainly figure out the exact force to use in the proper direction to make a free throw every time. He demonstrated his great power as the Son of God by rising from the dead!

However, Jesus did not always make full use of his power as true God. He humbled himself and became fully human. As true Man, Christ got tired, hungry and thirsty. He did not always walk on water. On Easter evening, he appeared in a room that was locked. Most of the time he entered through an open door. So as true Man, Jesus could have missed a free throw. He is fully human and could miss a free throw, trip and fall, run slower than others, learn from teachers in the temple and so on. 

What Jesus could not and did not do was to sin. Missing a free throw is not a sin. But how we react to a missed free throw, a trip, or any situation in life could be. We miss the mark of God's perfect law all the time. Jesus perfectly covered every sin for us by his perfect life and sacrificial death. We know he did everything to save us because he rose from the dead. May Christ bless you with confidence and joy in him who rose to give you peace and eternal life with God.